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My name is Philine and I am a wildlife photographer based in Munich/Germany. By combining my two great passions, animals and photography, I want you to see nature as I do: As something truly beautiful, unique and delicate. Something we would never want to miss and should take care of.

Over the years, I fell in love with Africa and regularly feel the need of returning there. After travelling South Africa, Namibia, Botswana and Tanzania, I think it will soon be time for Kenya and/or Uganda. In any case – you will always find a full African gallery on this website.
As much as I love the African wildlife, I also adore the nature of the northern hemisphere and I am looking forward to add some bears, whales and walruses to this page one day.

Apart from showing you my portfolio, I would also like others to create their own. I am offering my experience and knowledge to accompany (safari) travel groups. If you are interested in booking me, please get in touch with me here. As well as with other requests, recommendations and any kind of feedback.

Enjoy my pictures.